Signature Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking (QCF)

  • UK

The purpose of this qualification is to provide those who want to work as lipspeakers with the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills in order to effectively fulfil their role.  This qualification is intended to support the professionalism of the lipspeaking workforce and enable a wider recognition of the valuable role it plays.

Schools and colleges may offer qualifications that are not included in the performance tables, if approved for teaching to 16-19 year olds, where this is in the best interests of individual students.

This qualification is not listed on the 16 -19 Performance Tables.

Education context

Signature is an Awarding Body regulated by Ofqual, whose qualifications appear on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

Awarding organisation
  • Signature
Qualification code

This qualification comprises 4 units, all of which are mandatory

Subject areas

Prepare for Lipspeaking Assignments

Deliver Lipspeaking Assignments

Develop your performance as a Lipspeaker

Co-work with other Lipspeakers

  • Level 3

Level 3 qualifications regulated to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). 

The RQF is a the new system for cataloguing all qualifications regulated by Ofqual, indexing them by level and size.  

A levels are also level 3 qualifications regulated to the RQF.

Level 3 is the same as level 6 of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). 


Candidates must achieve a pass in all units to achieve an overall pass in the qualification.


Prepare for Lipspeaking Assignments

Written essay giving 2 accounts of preparing for assignment

Deliver Lipspeaking Assignments

Practical assessment delivering a lipspeaking assignment

Develop your performance as a Lipspeaker

Small portfolio demonstrating the evaluation of performance and areas of improvement

Co-work with other lipspeakers

Written essay of a co-worked assignment

Contribution of assessment components to overall grade

Prepare for Lipspeaking Assignments - 25 %

Deliver Lipspeaking Assignments - 25%

Develop your performance as a Lipspeaker - 25%

Co-work with other lipspeakers - 25%

Resit arrangements

All units are assessed individually and can be re-sat should candidates fail one of the units of the 4 associated with this qualification

Guided / notional learning hours
200 hours
Guided / notional learning hours notes

100 hours guided

100 hours additional study

For comparison, an A level is 360 glh.

UCAS Tariff points

Signature Level 3 Certificate in Lipspeaking

Grade Points
P 8
Key issues for UK HE admissions

Holders of this qualification will be able to support deaf people who access communication via a lipspeakers.

Timing of assessments and results

Candidates' assessments are 'on demand' with a notice period of between 1 week and 6 weeks.

Candidates will receive their results within 6 weeks of the assessment date.

Certificates are issued to successful candidates within 4 weeks of results being issued.

Certification information

The results of many UK qualifications are reported to UCAS through Awarding Body Linkage (ABL)

  • A level and results from larger awarding bodies are reported automatically

  • IB results are only reported with the candidate’s permission

  • Some results are not reported through ABL; this does not reflect the validity of the qualification.

The results available through ABL can be found at:

Where results are not available through ABL, HEPs will need to ask applicants to provide their own evidence of achievement.

Certification of this qualification is reported to Ofqual and the DfE.

Progression information

Signature offer other qualifications in BSL and Deafblind which candidates may be interested in pursuing.