Pearson BTEC HN Flex can be delivered via the complete suite of Pearson BTEC RQF Higher National qualifications.

HN Flex units (modules) are selected from the Ofqual regulated (Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF)), suite of over 40 Pearson BTEC Higher National qualifications.  With a progression opportunity to a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND) qualification, on successful completion of the HN Flex units studied.

Benefits of studying HN Flex:

  • Gain knowledge, skills and behaviours in a more efficient and bite-sized way, without having to enrol on a full Level 4 or Level 5 qualification.
  • “Stack” HN Flex units (modules) towards further Level 4 or Level 5 study in the future.
  • Upskill/reskill to gain employer focused skills and enhance employment opportunities.
  • Achieve, enhanced professional competency and provision of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) via recognised qualification content.

Assignments can be graded at ‘Pass’ (P), ‘Merit’ (M) and ‘Distinction’ (D) depending on the quality of the student’s work.

This grade is based on the highest level the student is judged to have met for all the criteria.

To achieve a pass, a student must have met all the pass criteria for the Learning Outcomes, demonstrating that they have covered the unit content.  A student must meet all of the pass criteria. If they do not, their grade should be reported as ‘unclassified’.

To achieve a merit, a student must have met all the merit criteria (and the pass

criteria) through high performance in each Learning Outcome.

To achieve a distinction, a student must have met all the distinction criteria (and the pass and merit criteria), demonstrating outstanding performance across the whole unit.



Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals and HN Flex units (modules) are assessed via centre-developed internal assignments that are set and assessed by centres.

Further information

It is important to note:

By studying up top 4 HN Flex units will not result in a qualification being awarded.

Students are awarded a Certificate of Unit Achievement on successful completion of HN Flex units (modules), which details the unit(s) studied, number of credits and level.

Only if a student progresses to a Pearson BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) can a qualification be awarded.