NCFE Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT

Qualification codes
601/7050/5 (General 601/7050/5/GEN)
601/7050/5 (Business 601/7050/5/BSN)
601/7050/5 (Networking and Systems 601/7050/5/NET)
601/7050/5 (Software Development 601/7050/5/SOF)

Vocational qualifications are either work-related qualifications designed to enable students to gain the skills required to perform a particular job, or qualifications that may be taken as part of a wider study programme or an apprenticeship.

Schools and colleges may offer qualifications that are not included in the DfE performance tables, if approved for teaching to 16-19 year olds by the Secretary of State for Education in England under Section 96, where this is in the best interests of individual students.

The qualification is suitable for students aged 16 and above and designed to prepare students for employment in the IT and telecoms sector or to progress to higher level learning.

It can be taken as a substantial component of the study programme and is also designed for students interested in an apprenticeship in roles such as software developer, desktop support engineer, network planner, database administrator, network engineer or software tester.

The qualification allows students to specialise in their area of interest by choosing units from one of four pathways (General, business, networking and systems support or software development).


Pass, Fail


Internally assessed and externally moderated portfolio of evidence.

Further information

Further information: The Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT had an operational end date of 30th April 2018. Therefore, the specification is no longer available and we are no longer accepting learner registrations.