Higher (Level 2) Project qualification

Qualification codes
601/3764/2 (City & Guilds)
500/2371/8 (Pearson)
500/4181/2 (WJEC)

The Higher Project qualification requires students to study a topic area which extends or expands their learning in an appropriate area of study. The qualification helps students to:

  • undertake an autonomous piece of work
  • develop as inquisitive and independent students
  • be inspired and enthused by new areas or methods of study
  • explore the experiential learning process, and further opportunities to plan and review their learning
  • take responsibility for their own learning and develop transferable, core life and study skills
  • if appropriate, use ICT and appropriate technologies with confidence

Higher Projects are Level 2 qualifications (equivalent to GCSE grades A* – C or GCSE grades 9 – 4; SQCF Level 5).

Higher projects are graded A* – C or unclassified.


The Higher Project is a single unit, internally assessed qualification.

Each project is assessed by the supervisor who has overseen the student throughout the project process.

They are standardised and moderated internally and quality assured by the awarding body by spot checking of both process and assessment.

Students need to produce a production log, verified by a supervisor, a written report, supplementary evidence and a presentation.

The assessment objectives are:

  1. manage
  2. use resources
  3. develop and realise
  4. review
Further information

Applicants may refer to the project in personal statements and interviews.

Students may have completed the project as part of their GCSE programme or as an enhancement of their Level 3 programme.

Some centres use the Higher Project as part of a gifted and talented programme at GCSE level to push able students beyond the requirements of their mainstream subjects and deepen their knowledge in a particular field.

Students who have taken a Higher Project alongside a Level 3 programme will have done so as an alternative to the Extended Project.

The Higher Project is not widely available to students.

Links to the awarding organisations websites and specifications: http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/subjects/AQA-W-7992-SP-15.PDF