ASDAN Level 3 Award/Certificate in Personal Effectiveness

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The QIP covers all ASDAN Personal Effectiveness qualifications that do not meet the full requirements set by the Department for Education (DfE) and do not contribute towards performance measures from 2018.
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The Level 3 Certificate of Personal Effectiveness is a substantial and wide-ranging qualification. Its purpose is to enable candidates to develop and demonstrate a range of personal, key, and employability skills, to broaden their experience and to manage their learning in a variety of real-life contexts.

It aims to teach candidates to understand, take responsibility for, and learn from rich activities - rather than simply to experience them. Candidates are required to provide, through these activities, evidence of understanding and skills development against a set of standards. This quantifies and formalises their preparedness to progress into higher education, employment, vocational training, or apprenticeships.

The Level 3 Award of Personal Effectiveness is a smaller sized qualification with the same purpose as the Certificate described above. However, this qualification does not appear in the 16-19 performance tables.

Education context

Some vocational qualifications offered at Level 3 have been reformed as a result of changes to school performance tables. Vocational qualifications must meet the criteria set by the Department for Education (DfE) in order to count towards school performance tables. These reforms mean that 91% of the Level 3 qualifications that previously counted towards school performance tables were removed from performance tables in 2016.

The reform to vocational qualifications is being conducted in two stages: an interim stage and full stage. Each of these stages introduced new criteria for vocational qualifications to meet in order to count towards school performance tables.

The first teaching of the qualifications reformed on an interim basis was from 2014 and these counted towards school performance tables in 2016. Only qualifications that meet the full criteria count towards performance tables from 2018. The qualifications listed in this QIP are classified as Applied General qualifications however they do not meet the full criteria to count towards performance tables from 2018 in respect of content, assessment and grading. Schools and colleges may offer qualifications that are not included in the performance tables, if the qualifications are approved for teaching by the Secretary of State under Section 96.

Read Section 96


Interim Requirement (for qualifications counting in 2016 performance tables)

Full Requirement (for qualifications counting in 2018 performance tables)

A. Declared Purpose



B. Size



C. Recognition



D. Synoptic Assessment



E. External Assessment



F. Grading



G. Employer involvement (Tech Level Qualifications only)



H. Progression



I. Proven Track Record




As noted in the table above, the 2016 and 2018 versions are fundamentally different.


Awarding organisation
Qualification codes
100/3560/6 (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness)
600/2771/3 (Award of Personal Effectiveness)

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness 

There are six assessment units, all of which are mandatory:

  • Introduction to working with others
  • Introduction to improving own learning and performance
  • Introduction to problem solving
  • Planning and carrying out a piece of research
  • Communicating through discussion (in a group) 
  • Planning and giving an oral presentation.

Award of Personal Effectiveness

There are seven assessment units, all of which are optional. Candidates must complete a minimum of three units from:

  • Team working
  • Planning and reviewing learning
  • Tackling problems
  • Research skills
  • Improving skills in preparing and presenting information
  • Learning through work experience
  • Career exploration.
Subject areas
  • Citizenship
  • Enrichment activities
  • Employability
  • Level 3

Level 3 qualifications are regulated to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).



Both the Award and the Certificate are Pass or Fail only.


Assessment for both the Award and the Certificate is via portfolio only.

Contribution of assessment components to overall grade

There are no grades; the portfolio is the only assessment component.

Resit arrangements

Portfolio may be resubmitted.

Guided/notional learning hours
Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (TQT: 200): 100 hours
Award of Personal Effectiveness (TQT: 90): 70 hours
UCAS Tariff points

ASDAN Award of Personal Effectiveness

Grade Points
P 8


Timing of assessments/results for learners

Portfolio moderation takes place at the request of the centre at least four weeks after a candidate's entry has been confirmed.

Results will be confirmed following portfolio moderation.

Qualification dates notes

This qualification is current.

Reporting and certification information

The results of the ASDAN Award of Personal Effectiveness are reported to UCAS through Awarding Body Linkage (ABL).

Read the full list of results available through ABL

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