AS or GCE AS - reformed CCEA (First awarded 2018)


The AS is assessed after the first year of A level study and is also a stand-alone qualification in its own right.

This qualification encourages students to take a wider range of subjects in their first year of A level study, whilst allowing students to drop a subject and specialise further in the second year.


A - E


Assessment opportunities for AS qualifications are available in May/June and candidates may take the opportunity to be assessed in stages or at the end of the course.

Assessment is generally by written external examination except where this is not appropriate.

Additionally, non-examination assessments, practical examination, portfolio assessment and coursework are used to assess those aspects of the course which are not suitable for assessment via a timed written examination.

Further information

AS and A levels accredited in England, Northern Ireland and Wales will differ in terms of structure, content and assessment arrangements. Grading will remain the same.

AS levels accredited by CCEA Regulation have been designed so as to be equivalent in demand to those accredited by Ofqual.

Welsh and Northern Irish applicants will be more likely to apply to HE holding an AS qualification.

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