UAL Level 3 Diploma for Fashion Studio Assistant

Qualification code
603/1404/7 (UAL Level 3 Diploma for Fashion Studio Assistant)

Vocational qualifications are either work-related qualifications designed to enable students to gain the skills required to perform a particular job, or qualifications that may be taken as part of a wider study programme or apprenticeship.

Schools and colleges may offer qualifications that are not included in the DfE performance tables, if approved for teaching to 16 – 19 year olds by the Secretary of State for Education in England under Section 96, where this is in the best interests of individual students.

The UAL Level 3 Diploma for Fashion Studio Assistant has been designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary to work in the fashion industry, with a specific focus on working in a fashion studio. The qualification has been developed in collaboration with the British Fashion Council, Creative Skillset, and representatives from industry, universities, further education colleges, and employers. It provides students with the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to prepare them for employment and/or support a role in the workplace.

This qualification has primarily been developed to support the delivery of the Fashion Studio Assistant Apprenticeship standard. However, it can also be delivered as a standalone qualification. The objectives of this qualification are to give students the opportunity to:

  • develop and demonstrate industry knowledge to support their competence development
  • develop and demonstrate a range of technical skills and behaviours to support their competence development
  • progress their personal growth and engagement in learning
  • achieve a recognised qualification

It is expected that the majority of individuals enrolled on this qualification will be new to the industry. However, those who are currently working in the industry can use this qualification to accredit their existing skills and knowledge, while providing opportunities to develop them further. Through completion of this qualification, employers should recognise an individual’s ability to work to the recognised standard.

This qualification is suitable for students aged 18 and above. There are no specific entry requirements, although it may be beneficial if students have undertaken a Level 2 qualification in an appropriate related qualification. This qualification may be delivered as part of the Fashion Studio Apprenticeship standard, or as a standalone qualification. For those who already work in a fashion studio, this qualification can accredit their existing skills and knowledge, while providing opportunities to develop these further.

Who supports this qualification?

This qualification is recognised as preparing students for progression into employment. The following employers endorse this qualification:

  • Roksanda Ilincic
  • Tom Lipop
  • Matthew Miller Ltd
  • LR Studio Ltd
  • Richard James
  • Osman Yousefzada
  • Christopher Raeburn
  • Lou Dalton
  • Burberry
  • Marios Schwab Ltd
  • Mulberry
  • Jonathan Saunders Ltd
  • Jasper Conran Ltd

Letters of support can be found on the UAL Awarding Body website at:….


The qualification and all units are graded Pass/Fail.


All units that make up the UAL Level 3 Diploma for Fashion Studio Assistant are internally assessed and verified by qualified staff within a centre, and externally moderated by UAL Awarding Body. All assignments and projects are devised by the centre, or must provide appropriate opportunities for students to generate the evidence required to meet the assessment criteria for the unit or units that the assignment or project relates to. Students are required to develop a portfolio of evidence for all assignments and projects set. There is no external assessment in these qualifications.

Further information

There are a number of key considerations for HEPs when reviewing vocational qualifications that are not listed on the DfE 16 – 19 performance tables for England:

  • Some of these qualifications are occupational, and may not be designed specifically for progression to HE.
  • Applicants holding these qualifications may be school or college leavers, however, some may be more mature students who are likely to have other relevant experience alongside these qualifications.
  • These qualifications may have been taken as part of a wider study programme or apprenticeship.
  • If they are presented for admission to HE, it is likely to be in conjunction with other qualifications.

The units in the qualification focus on the underpinning skills, knowledge, and understanding that support all fashion studio assistant activities, to prepare students for progression to higher education, employment, or an apprenticeship. 

Students achieving the qualification have a number of routes open to them. Many choose to progress to a more specialist Level 4 course, some progress to higher education, and others go straight into industry roles.

Progression information is captured at the point of results submission, and is published annually in the UAL's chief examiner reports (by qualification).


UAL Awarding Body website:

UAL Level 3 and 4 Diploma for Fashion Studio Assistant page:….