Jersey College for Girls Diploma


Students in the sixth form at Jersey College for Girls (JCG)


The JCG Diploma recognises the broader skills, qualities, and attributes of students, beyond the academic. The JCG Diploma is intended to be of value to students, higher education providers, potential employers, and industry bodies.

Education context

JCG is an 11 – 18 selective state-run fee paying school for girls in Jersey, Channel Islands. The JCG Diploma is available to the sixth form only.

Awarding providers
  • Jersey College for Girls

The JCG Diploma is made up of nine sections. Students must complete activities in each section to be awarded the diploma.

Subject areas
  1. Elected advanced academic programme (A levels)
  2. Careers and employability skills
  3. Healthy body, healthy mind
  4. Commitment to sport, music, or drama
  5. Service
  6. Finance/Numeracy
  7. Opinion forming/Global and local awareness
  8. Computer literacy
  9. Communication and presentation

In our literature, each section of the diploma has a ‘sample menu’ of possible activities which are worth a certain percentage. The list is not exhaustive and, if students wish to know whether another activity is valid, they consult the JCG Diploma coordinator who decides and allocates the percentage value of the activity.


The programme is aimed at Year 12 and Year 13 students to run alongside and compliment their Level 3 studies.


There is no grading. The Diploma is awarded upon completion.


Students must gain 100% in each section. This percentage is made up of different activities depending on the level/time requirement involved. e.g. in Communication and presentation, students could complete a LAMDA qualification worth 60%, write an article for a magazine worth 20% and represent the college at open evening worth 20%, to gain 100% in that particular section. Students have to record their own progress and this is verified by the JCG Diploma coordinator. They have to produce evidence of completing activities e.g. letter from a sports coach or certificate for completing certain courses.

Contribution of assessment components to overall grade

Each of the nine sections has activities which are worth a certain percentage. Students must gain 100% in each section.

Resit arrangements

Not applicable

Programme size

The programme is open to all students in JCG Sixth form (approximately 200). Students are expected to work on the Diploma over the two years, but there is no stated number of hours expected. Students are expected to use enrichment time, their own free time and, where applicable, subject time to complete activities towards the Diploma. Activities carried out to complete another award (e.g. DofE) can count towards the JCG Diploma.

Key issues for UK HE admissions

The JCG Diploma will indicate which students stand out and go beyond completing simply what needs to be done to achieve good academic results. By completing the JCG Diploma, students will develop skills of commitment, interpersonal relations, and service. They will demonstrate the ability to organise a wide range of activities whilst still achieving balance in their lives. They will have skills which could compliment any course of study or employment possibility, for example, finance, numeracy, computing and communication. Students who have completed the JCG Diploma will have considered issues in the wider world in the section related to opinion forming/global and local awareness. Students completing the JCG Diploma should be resilient and resourceful, as they will have needed to be proactive to complete the award whilst still working hard on their A levels.

Timing of assessments and results

The JCG Diploma will be awarded when students complete their A level studies (and the nine sections). The presentation will generally be at our annual prizegiving.

Qualification dates notes

This award is current.

Certification information

Certificate will state the name of the student who has completed the Diploma, together with the date it was awarded.

Progression information

Not applicable

Further information

The JCG Diploma was launched in June 2015 to the current Year 12 and 13 students. The JCG Diploma booklet is available to download on provides a full overview of the programme.